The ability to easily access information about the Philadelphia art ecosystem is critical to growing the local art economy by decreasing the difficulty of engagement. Philly Stewards centralizes information about events and resources for collectors, artists, and the interested public in order to expand access to our city’s vibrant art community.

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In 2017, Philly Stewards began as an organization dedicated to encouraging the collection of Philadelphia art and artists. Over the past four years we have listened to our members and the community as they provided feedback on our offerings, efforts, and strategies. We have come to realize the ways in which we have been, and may continue to be, most constructive is by focusing on the centralization of information in order to facilitate access.

From the Fall of 2020 through the Spring of 2021, we considered many ways in which we could restructure ourselves in order to better serve this goal. As a result, we have decided that there are four services we will focus on moving forward.


  • The PS Weekly Newsletter of Art Listings and Events. This newsletter is published Thursday mornings, 45 weeks a year, and lists gallery and community arts events occurring during the following week.
  • The Philadelphia Gallery Map. We last published this document, in print and digitally, every six months. Due to the lockdown and the fluctuations amongst galleries, we paused this effort in 2020. We will be updating and redeploying a new gallery map each Spring going forward.